Not How Long But How Well: Adenike Ogungbe, Dies Shortly After Child Birth

Late Adenike Ogungbe (CEO Ewar Make -Over)
Beautiful Adenike Ogungbe,CEO of Ewar Make-Over passed on Wednesday the 3rd of July after noon at the age of 32  a day after she gave birth to a baby girl, this humble,down to earth woman did  I really admire though didn’t know her personally. There was a video of her on BellaNaija on how to tie Gele which I watched over and over again and really I learnt some things from it.
This brings me to the question? How impactful  is your life? I live in Lagos where people live their homes as early as 4;30 am heading to their places of work.Many have been doing this for up to 10 years and though they wish to stop, they are still in the rat -race.
This young lady though sad she had to live so soon. Left an impact in our world that can’t be forgotten. She loved make-up and practiced it. She went further to teach people. What is your passion? What are you doing to make that passion a reality? As I write this, I hope someone gets the message and enjoy that work you are doing or re-strategies and follow your dreams. Adenike never thought she would leave us so soon, but she has and all we have her are legacies. My heartfelt condolence to her husband. God bless us all.


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