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Yesterday the  29th of April 2014, NBA commissioner Adam Silver made the announcement at a press conference, that Los Angeles Clippers‘ owner Donald Sterling aged 80( Birthday April 26) has been banned from the National Basketball Association (NBA) for life, after a racist conversation and he will be fined $2.5million for his disturbing rant. It shows that not everyone that is …

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Now, I know a lot of you been wondering why the caption but that’s the truth, Ebola, a deadly virus has killed over 101 people in Guinea a country with 11.5 million people currently, the worst hit by the virus. The World Health Organization, upon notification from Guinea’s Ministry of Health, on March 23 2014 …

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These two are so Drunk In Love, sexy, talented and rich, these are some of the adjectives that best describe Beyonce and Jayz. The couple who have been married for six years, had an exotic vacation at the Dominican Republic. I really admire them as they are a living proof that ” two is better …

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Yeah you read right? MI Abaga on Saturday the 5th of April, proposed to Rita in Makurdi, Nigeria. Watch video to see how. #romantic # interesting. *wink*

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