That Bushmeat Could Give You the Dreaded Ebola Virus

Now, I know a lot of you been wondering why the caption but that’s the truth, Ebola, a deadly virus has killed over 101 people in Guinea a country with 11.5 million people currently, the worst hit by the virus.

The World Health Organization, upon notification from Guinea’s Ministry of Health, on March 23 2014 reports that as  of Tuesday the toll was 157 confirmed or suspected Ebola cases, including 101 deaths. That’s a case fatality rate of 64 percent, somewhat lower than the worst of previous outbreaks but high enough to remind us that Ebola is more inimical to humans than perhaps any known virus on Earth, except rabies and HIV-1. And it does its damage much faster than either.

I got this file from SOS international and thought I should share:Ebola Information _Larakingz1 Ebola Information _Larakingz12 Ebola Information _Larakingz13Ebola Information _Larakingz11 


Prevention fans is better than cure. Wash your hands thoroughly and keep a clean environment.

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