So You Think He Loves You?

Many times I hear ladies call men all sought of names, crying and saying he broke their heart. And really its kinda pathetic especially when the lady claims to be so involved in the relationship. So was surfing the net and saw some articles that give tips on signs to look out for if he is into you or not. i particalarly like the one from ZEGIST and thought i should share . They are:

  1.  HOW OFTEN DOES HE CALL OR TEXT YOU. Trust me, no matter how busy a guy gets if he’s into you he will make time to call or text you. Remember how busy you get and still get time to send a text? Well the same applies for a guy that is serious minded about a relationship. If he doesn’t call or text, Do Not respond by calling or texting him, it’s no use and you don’t want to be that “stalkish chick” who can’t just leave him be. It’s time to  move on.
  2. HE LETS YOU IN. Have you been dating for a few weeks and you are yet to meet with his friends? Then there’s a little problem. If he keeps hiding you from people he knows, that means your not that important to him. Hence, you are not qualified to meet those important to him. Moving On! HE DATES YOU. A guy who wants you, would really “date” you. He would want to get to know you and be seen with you. Not just have sex and watch TV with you. It’s best not to have sexual relations with a guy you like till you both get to know each other at length.
  3. HE SHOWS HOW MUCH HE LIKES IN YOU PUBLIC. He holds your hand in public, doesn’t hesitate to peck you on the cheek or give you a full one on the lips. Doesn’t give you the “i don’t like public display of affection line”. If he doesn’t do all that you are in trouble oh! Never settle for less when it comes to relationships, although compromising for other things is also good in a relationship.
  4. CONSTANTLY TALKS ABOUT HIS EX. If he’s talking commitment with you and trust and a few months into the relationship settling down with you, calling you his wifey or girlfriend. He is into you. On the other hand, constant talks about his ex, how much fun they both had, heart breaks etc… If a guy is into you all that won’t even cross his mind. He would be really into You! Dating can be so much fun with the right person. Do not settle for less when it comes to a relationship with a guy you like. He must equally do the hard work to  make IT work. Follow us on Facebook / Twitter to get fresh articles!
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