My Easter Sunday Experience

Hi peeps, haven’t blogged in a while cos of distractions, french classes, church matters and most importantly, time seems 24 hours aint enough for me anymore. wrote this article a while back on my ink pad and just thought I should share.

It’s Easter Sunday Yah! 20th of April Christ has risen and am alive to be among the living. This day happens to be special as ” I got myself invited “to the family church of a guy I got a soft spot for (hmm what happens when it aint reciprocal). well am in the family church one of the orthodox churches and my did I miss my own family church too. Good sermon, hymns, not so good choir but nice songs and yeah, I  had to take the holy communion (my only way to take alcohol monthly while growing up) lol.
Well I was prepared to a long service and didn’t have a problem with that. At least I was with the guy *wink* .

Something happened and thus why this report. .. The “head” said they needed to raise some money and thus requested that everyone please promise to raise money. And then gave a slip everyone should tick how much they van pay with the least at 10k with name and phone number. The slip was passed and then I observed something I regard as being funny. The ushers/side ladies where looking at people’s faces before giving them the slip and am like, why the segregation.  that little kid could give more money nah. well yours sincerely was given a slip (power of packaging) and alas the minimum is 10k . Where would u get that on the 20th? plus I believe my right hand should not really know what my left wants in the house of God. so didn’t fill it.
The young man beside me felt bad as he wore a forelon look.
Why should we disseminate in the house of God?
I find this strange and thus why I ask this; I this normal.
Got to get back to the service. Time for another thanksgiving. *eyes rolling*

xoxo Anike

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