Life, Love Changing Times…

Change, the only constant thing in life! We go through so many phases in life that one begins to assume that life is all about phases; truly, that’s what it’s all about- birth, infancy, all the way to adulthood. We keep changing in form and the same applies to situations in our lives.

We’ve all heard the sayings, “One day you’re up, another day you’re down”, “Tomorrow will be better!”… Every day brings something different, I guess that’s what is so great and at the same time challenging about life. We’re constantly striving for things to change for the better and hoping they don’t change for the worse. Although, even for the most hopeful of us, change (‘the worse kind’) still happens! Love changes to hate, life changes to death, admiration to contempt, laughter to tears, and all we can do is live with it.

What I’ve figured out is that situations change because people change, and people change because we were made to change; that’s all humans really know. There is always a need for us to change- to adapt to a new environment or a new stage in our lives. As a child goes from crawling to walking, everyone around the child as well as the child has to get used to the “new him” that walks.
Change is scary and difficult to get used to, even the ‘better kind’. If situations in your life change for the better, adapt quickly and enjoy every bit of it, but if they change for the worse and it’s something you can’t reverse, pick yourself up and keep living!
The kind of change I’ve never been able to grasp is when love becomes hate. I don’t think it’s even possible. I think that love is forever; it may slowly fade and change to a more subtle feeling but never to hate.

Courtesy: Bella

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