Saturday The 30th Of August 2014

Wow, it’s the last Saturday in August and my am I happy. Every month I write down things I would like to achieve and not like I get to them all but it acts as a guide.
This month is same but a lot of interesting things happened.
First was that this month was declared as the month of “extravagant praise” our church( Daystar xtian center) and my did I have every reason to praise God… He is, was and would continually be a Great God.:mrgreen:
Secondly I found out that  some things happen to us so that we would appreciate life better. Could remember looking at my 2014 year goals and how I blocked the calendar that date :August 23rd, I would have done a landmark event in my life. that didn’t happen and my it did make me sad but God has a way to show us that he has better plans and my did he show me that.
I once read on someone’s DP the statement : ” I had a purpose before you had an opinion” and that got me thinking about What is God’s divine purpose for my life? What would he want me to do and do people opinions really matter? Well I’ll say the right opinions accelerate your purpose but the wrong one…. OYO is your case.


I also learnt the value of friendship, companionship and forgiveness. Sometimes in our lives we meet people we hope they could be with one forever but that may not be the case as death, a quarrel, distance or even a change in attitude would not let that happen. What ever the case, enjoy every moment you have, worry less.. you sure can take a drug to sleep but their ain’t no drug to wake you up.

Oh I also learnt that their are friends are their are friends. ever wondered why our elderly ones call every one “oko mi”(my son)? I experienced that this month… and really appreciated life.

Today my beloved team lost again and then the lesson of life ” for everything their is a season”

Moi in my club jersey

Oh this write up would be incomplete without me talking about the song and dance step “Shoki” that dance step is currently making waves and my did Olamide “Badoo” kill it at the Guinness  #Madeofblack event I attended on Tuesday the 27th of August. The song produced by YBNL is owned by Kesh. wish him all the best.  Still learning the dance though .. its a good exercise workout too.


So as the month of August ends tomorrow, I celebrate God for all the things he has done in my life. family, friends, colleagues and yeah you ;).
I also remember those who left this world this month (Babatunde and kunle olaifa), praying he grants them eternal rest



Am also praying he helps combats the Ebola virus, stop ISIS and Bokoharam who by the way make me scared of any kanuri man I see ( they are ones with huge tribal marks that start from their ear) as I pray that he blesses everyone around me.

Please stay positive, learn to smile and never let anyone be the source or cause of your joy.


Love you,

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