Not All We Love Is Ours To Keep

The following conversation occurred between a colleague of mine and her daughter:

Mum: Demi throw that teddybear away. you are allergic to it. See the rash on your skin.

Daughter: Mum, I love my Teddy, we can pour dettol on it to kill the germs again.

Mum: But we have done that before? Demi throw it away or give it to someone who wont react to it. Its not everything we love that is good for us.

Daughter: Grumbles… oh mum you right. Just like how sweet is not good my teeth though I love it.
(Puts Teddy in a nylon) I would put in the thrash can when we get home.

Daughter continues: When would I get another one?

Mum: We shouldn’t rush dear. we would get one on our next trip and that is NOT next week, it December.

Daughter: Mum what would I play with

Mum: With me… Changes topic.

While I observed what was ongoing, i kinda saw the truth in what the mum said. Sometimes in life, we hold on to somethings we love even when that thing hurts us. Even as adults there are somethings we hold on too forming ” Optimist” while that thing drains you. Sometimes we are scared of the unknown saying to ourselves ” A bird in hand is worth two in the bush” hian. Any thing or anyone that continuously hurts you, drains you or cause you pain aint worth holding on too. If their is anything that makes you loose your self dignity and respect. thats parasitic. please dont hold on to it. Everyone deserves to be happy… if you are not, walk away.hold

Another one would be gotten whether its a job, a car, a relationship or even food :). believe in your God, yourself , learn your lessons and be a better person.

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