My Journey…

Really haven’t felt this way in life for a while but I guess when it happens it happens.

I have always wanted to loose weight. Been big for the most part but several attempts to shed the weight see me adding more.

I always told myself whoever would love me, would love me for me. Bla bla bla.

So what now changed? 1st I realized I was having low self esteem . Envious and jealous of my slim friends.

If a guy had a thing for me, I didn’t allow him meet my friends. Why? Because they get to compliment them and sometimes ask about them curiously. I remember a day I ran into a friend and I was with an admirer , I was pained cos weeks after that meeting the admirer kept asking about my friend. Now I do have a lot of fine slim fair ladies as friends.

With that you would think I would be gingered to loose weight. Nah I wouldn’t miss my chicken wings.

This was my stand till Friday the 4th of September. What happened ?

I was watching an Indian movie (funny right ) and this scene of the guy carrying the girl showed on the screen… Ghen ghen, that was the scene that got thinking.. I have watched this film before though it’s the line “All is well” that I enjoyed . But now it’s the carrying scene that’s getting my attention.

Larakingz, I soliloquized to myself. What do you weigh? Can your man carry you? Are u really healthy?

I decided to weigh myself and low and behold I weighed 105kg that’s 2 bags of rice? Hian and am just going to be 30.

So I decided that the best gift to give myself would be to drop 3 dress sizes.. I currently wear a size 18 and goal is to wear a size 12 dress for my birthday.

Told my girlfriend Ife (she gave me one long pet talk), my paddy buddy and office collegue Tolu (dude gave up on me after tirelessly telling me to loose weight) but ready to encourage me, Ola Daniels brother from another mother who says he would looking at me as a girl if I loose weight and then I am telling YOU.

Yes you! The year is about to end but nothing is impossible .

My goal is to loose 44kg and its to be lost in 3 months 9 of September to 9 of December.

Would be documenting each days journey with you and yay am open to suggestions though I have an already mapped out plan. Doing this for accountability .

My weakness would be the exercises but let me cut down the food first.

Would definitely miss eating chicken wings, pizza and shawarma but now I have to take my health seriously.



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