My Journey: How did I Get Here?

So today is the second day of my diet change and yes I survived  yesterday, the first day… Strictly fruits, did some squats and push ups.

Yeah I got tempted with Asun (spiced goat meat) by Tolu my colleague on my way from church . Hian it wasn’t funny. But I survived…Yippee

Been awake since 2 am body hurts due to yesterday’s 10minutes exercise. The Thought of mum’s specially prepared beans and corn(Adalu) was calling me. But I resisted.

Oyinmama, how did you get here ? My inner voice asked me… My mind went to when I was in 300 level yeah the year 2006.. 8 years ago . My was I slim, tiny waist with hips. Hurriedly I went through my album and I saw those pics? What was different then to now?

How did I loose weight? How did I gain weight? Well I want that shape back … And I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me…

Second day today…

Woke up and had warm water mixed with Lemon, Apple cider and honey.

Breakfast is one tuber of boiled potatoe(hate boiled potatoes ) for breakfast and then vegetables…

My goal in my mind… A blue or purple size 10 dress

Got to get back to work but first eat my potatoe and cabbage.

Xoxo Larakingz…

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