Woke up an hour earlier than I used to wake up ( Am normally awake at 2am) and then took out time to reflect on a lot of things…  Then the word ” Recalibrate ” came to mind. Hurriedly went to check the meaning and was dazed… “anew, back to statusquo ” I wondered cos truly I don’t know which stage of the statusquo I should recalibrate too. Trust me, a lot of things have happened especially in this first half of the year.

I have cried  and I have been happy . I have lived a life where I really don’t care any more and a life where everyone was important to me. So which should I recaliberate to.

As I ponder on these things I know we all reach that point where we wish we can either turn back the hand or move it forward. That part when we want to move on not looking back.

 Am not a psychic or a doctor of any sought but I would like to share some things I think are practical;

1) Get your self a “corner” not all of us have  closets. Just a place you would have some level of privacy. A pen and a jotter is also needed here You need to write things down and finally a Bible a Quoran or any book that would enable you communicate with your maker. 

2) Never look down on yourself. Truly why would you want to do that? That you are at  the lowest ebb doesn’t mean things won’t be bright. Have a positive attitude. 

3) Self Evaluate; Truthfully look inwards and ask yourself where and how you have been wrong. Pen all these things down… Also celebrate your strength.  I had to do a IQ test. And that helped me. Google can help you find free ones to do. A temperament evaluation test would also be good.

3) Celebrate the successes you have made this year. Seriously that you are alive is worth celebrating. Think through of that good thing you have done … we all can’t be bad.

4) Now that you have evaluated yourself, it’s time to look inward and write the things that you want to change. This is the time also to read up that Bible ,Quoran  or any spiritual book you have.  It would help you look inwards and give you perspective on what next steps to take. As a Christian… I always believe that their is a word for me in the Bible. 

5) Discipline; Yes oh we all need that self control and discipline . I tell people I can tell you how to loose weight yet at over 100kg I am struggling. I once paid a coach the monthly fee of N30k and th3 lady was  wondering why I was so laid back. Truthfully I did want to loose weight but I didn’t have the discipline (story for another day) Now at this stage ruminating on some bible verses on self control  and discipline I am building my internal morale.

6)Get ready to be discouraged. Trust me know one even your family may not encourage you. You have to encourage yourself “in the Lord” May I add at this point you need  FOCUS.

7) START.; Of course… hit that recalibrate  button and start all over. Everyday is an opportunity to make the past better.

As I drop this, I also just “RECALIBRATED” … Setting my evaluation time to the next three months.

Would you join me?



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