Ever woken up wishing you can stay in bed all day doing nothing?
Now, it is not like you do not have your to-do list drawn up or have plans for the day.

However, you have a lot of things running through your mind and now your mind is now clouded with so many questions, no answers…. You’ve been there, right? Then you go BLANK.

You have tasks to do yet can’t bring yourself to starting it…

You look at everyone and wish they could just disappear, vanquish or maybe you just kinda vanish into thing air… 

Now most times, we all have that point however, it’s a point when we need to “breath” yeah… look inward try not to remain blank for so long… as it has a time lapse.

If you are a Christian, this is the best time to “feed the soul” with either songs or podcasts that you can “plant” in that “blank” mind if yours. Wouldn’t tell you to read if you were new but at least listen to something to inspire you.

A stroll could also help… a subtle  yet effective exercise that would help you…

I love watching cartoons when I am blank… Kungfu Panda and old Disney cartoons help “unblank” my mind.

Finally… get back to sleep. A quick nap could restore your mind from all forms of blankness.

Whatever you do, try not to stay in that state of blankness for a long time..

Xoxo Larakingz…

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