Lost But Found

Look at you she quipped… Have you been working out? You look good. IBeen hearing comments like this in recent times and really can blame them as I sure have lost 14kg  and still on a goal to 60kg. However what they didn’t know was it sure took alot for me to find myself back after being lost.

Most of us have been in that phase when everything seems bleak and blurry. You really live each day as it comes. nothing to inspire you. You literally live in past glory, nothing motivates you and it seems as if the world is against you.

You know within you that “you are more than this.”everything screams that. but nothing shows that. You seem LOST. Yeah been there done that..

However, like TLC sang in UnPretty “… But if you can’t look inside you;Find out who am I too;Be in the position to make me feel so;Damn unpretty”  you realize that you and you alone have the power to find yourself.


Well for me, I am on this journey to find myself and would like to share with you what I did that worked;

  • Told myself the truth; Yes I am all this and more but I also have flaws.. I listed those flaws and hurts and cried
  • What exactly do I want in 1 year: That was a lot… but then I zeroed it to five things 1 which was important was JOY
  • Finding my Motivation: Yes the intrinsic is more important but then the extrinsic motivation is also good. Don’t need crowd just need two people who believe in me. (Chose among the lot)
  • Baby Steps: Health wise, I enrolled in the gym, a lot of people jeered. didn’t blame them, I have paid N108k Naira before and wasn’t serious so added instead of losing weight. 
  • Appreciate my process.. I stopped wearing a size 22 dress and wore a 20 and now wear 16/18. Goal is 12 by the way
  • Made a decision not to go back: now that is the hard part. I missed eating some junk foods
  • Evaluate: I am currently evaluating and plan to kick start.
  • PRAYERS: Can you see I typed that in CAPS, that is what can sustain one. I am a Christian so know the importance of prayers.


Now the above steps ain’t only for weight loss, they can be used for every life aspect. If you fall, pick yourself up and try again.

Xoxo Larakingz…

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