Shake It Off…

I attend bible beliving  programs that spur me into right directions from time to time.
I attended one recently and the message was one that I could easily relate with. The theme of the conference was “Convenant keeping God ” and the speaker talked about ” Covenant Chidren.” He used story telling to elucidate our strenghts as children of God. All was uplifting then he told us a story about a farmer and his old donkey which he felt he should kill since he perceived it a liability.

He also thought  of a peaceful way to kill him and then the idea of a well came to mind. His plan was to bury the donkey alive. Into the pit he threw the donkey and then shovel by shovel he poured sand into the well. Not looking back. 

He thought he was putting the last shovel of sand to bury the donkey, when he saw the  donkey bring out its head, shook off the sand and then stepped on it to his freedom. 

That was the message for me..Life throws us with many obstacles, disappointments, hurts and chaos. For believers we attribute it to the devil. Whatever challenge thrown at you, just shake it off with faith and step on it courageously.  

You might have made a mistake.. you might have committed an abortion and now feel hopeless… your conscience “pricking” you. What happened in your past doesn’t  define you unless you want it to so please shake it off and step on it.

Also, Taylor Swift has a song titled shake it off that also made mention to the fact that people would talk wether good or bad so why concentrate on them?

Today is the 100th day in 2018 we have 265 days more to excel and achieve whatever set goals one has.

#Shakeitoff . A link to the program is here

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