An Evening At Scotch Bonnet

This place was suggested by a big aunt last year for me to go celebrate my birthday but I couldn’t. So when this same aunt invited me for her birthday at that same place… I ensured that all office tasks were duly completed (still left around 9pm😏) to make it down there from Ikeja.

I am actually fascinated by the name of the place as I was once asked at an interview what scotch bonnet was in Yoruba and would have missed it if not for Question came when I said cooking was a hobby.

The resturant, which  is located in Victoria Island Lagos is in a quiet “corner” ; strategically so as it is surrounded by bank head offices and FIRS .

I met some friendly Mopols that night who guided me on where to park as the parking lot was filled up.

The exterior of the resturant was calm. On entering I met a soft spoken woman(whom I later found out was the owner 😯) who asked if I had reservations or was here on my own. I told her I was here for the party of … and she guided me upstairs . I peeped right to look at the resturant.. and saw ’em couples having a great time.

So upstairs had a lobby and then a mini room that could house 30-50 people. I greeted the birthday celebrant who was glad I came… 

I met her husband serenading her and I was blushing. This couple I do admire 😍.

The waiter dressed in black beckoned on me and offered me chapman (sorry gulped it all)and then what I would like to eat. 

Well I got engrossed at the party admiring the celebrants dress…

Celebrant looking hot

Pray I look this Hot at 45…

Did I tell you how I got to meet this special woman through the love of my life? (story of another day)

And then they brought my meal… 

Spot those Prawns… they had 4 of them in it and the snails… can’t remember the name of the meals I just told them I wanted food😁

Party continued with us cutting the cake with the celebrant and friends and then dance dance and more dance… was tempted to take red wine but…

It was time to go after I made some contacts on how to deliver snails to the from Gbodakfoods. I then spotted the “hall of fame”. This hall had black and White pictures of mostly late Nigerian leaders who had positivly impacted the country in their little way. Saw a picture of the kate Bimbo Odukoya of Fountain of Life, Nelson Mandela, Dr Stella who saved us from Ebola 

The wall of fame.

Cross segment of Nigerian Past Leaders
I had to take Selfie

It was an evening worth it and I would love to come again. A peep at their drinks menue showed it was affordable trust the meal would be. If you like a serene enviroment, I would recommend Scotch Bonnet 

Night view Of The Resturant.

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